Open Space Technology

Open Space (Technology) is a simple way to run productive meetings, for five to 2000+ people, and a powerful approach to leadership in any kind of organization, in everyday practice and turbulent change. Open Space is an inviting alternative to the usual meeting, conference or summit format, in organizations, communities, alliances and networks, when these conditions are present – and especially when levels are high and/or rising:

  • Complexity – when the question to be solved is bigger than any one person, group or area of expertise will be able to fully address.
  • Diversity – when successful resolution of the issue or question necessarily must include input and action from a wide variety of different kinds of stakeholders and/or with a wide diversity of interests.
  • Conflict – real or potential, when there’s real passion in the situation, meaning people care enough to fight for or about something.
  • Urgency – when the time for decisions and action was yesterday.

Open Space will work with almost any question and any group that cares about that question, but it works even better when things get challenging in these ways.

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